Remember that in some areas different gas fitting work types call for different endorsements. Asking for a license from your gas fitter gives you the chance to ensure that he is truly entitled to handle the specific gas work you have a need for. Licensing is also important to give you the assurance that you are working with fitters with the ability to offer quality result without exposing you or themselves to gas dangers.


Sometimes gas fitting goes hand in hand with plumbing, especially in areas such as gas hot water systems and it makes a fitter qualified and licensed for both plumbing trade and gas fitting most ideal. Some fitters deal with specific tasks and can handle different gas projects and you also want to consider what your fitter is qualified for. Qualification coupled with experience will without doubt fetch you great results with your fitting and plumbing needs. It saves you from the need to move from one fitter to another to have a single project complete. You are actually better off relying on one fitter who understands your system from the initial stages.

Tools of the trade

They are some of the things that can tell you how good the fitter is for the gas fitting project you have. You can find out how well equipped the fitter is by asking questions on the required fitting and asking him how he will go about the installation, repair or maintenance process. A good fitter won’t hesitate to give you details on how it will be done. A fitter who is willing to even take you through the process and teach you a few things about gas and gas fitting sure has everything in check and is reliable and trustworthy. Your aim should be to get the best fitter and enjoy affordable rates on services received. You can compare prices with other fitting companies or fitters so you are sure to get affordable and quality fitting services from your fitter.