Month: October 2019

Choose Flotex Flooring

In recent years, these people have succeeded in inventing a new type of flooring which is practical, cheap and aesthetically pleasing. Flotex flooring has combined the best features of carpet flooring and vinyl flooring and is much like a hybrid of the two. Flotex flooring can commonly be found in public spaces such as in libraries, gyms and classrooms. Many people assume that Flotex flooring is just a short-haired version of carpet, but it has a number of features which make it a much better alternative than it’s long-fibred ancestor. Flotex flooring is increasingly finding its way into domestic homes on the back of its success in public places. Why? This article will explain the main features of this new type of flooring and look at the reasons why you might want to select it when decorating.

Durability and comfort

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Rustic Luxe

Reclaimed distressed wood furniture is a style that speaks to several styles of interior decor but is must have to the rustic luxe look. These beautiful barn doors are made from wood salvaged from old Indian Havelis or buildings. An old door table immediately becomes the statement piece when added to a room. For the finesse of the reclaimed wood try a buffet with wrought iron railings and original tiles.

Metallics create the modern dimension of this look taking luxe into high fashion. Mirrors encased in old jharokha windows or through accessories like metallic hued fabrics and shiny candle holders. A traditionally inspired silver finished armchair, the Queen Of Hearts adds a touch of luxe classic to the room. This classic stands apart from the more worn pieces and the feminine metallic accessories.The kitchen uses rustic antique manjoosh, an Indian … Read the rest

Types Of Granite Countertops


Here a natural stone is cut from quarried pieces and then installed on your counter. To get this style of countertop, you should take the measurements of your counter and then visit the stone yard and find a stone that will be of the right size.

Many people make the mistake of sending people to the stone yard and enquire about the stone from the phone, which is wrong. To be on the safe side you should visit the stone yard and choose the slab by yourself.


Honing is a method that leaves the slab muted, opaque, and rustic in nature. You should note that while the honed countertops are great to look at, they often stain than their polished counterparts. To maintain the elegant nature of the honed countertop, you should add your favorite color on it … Read the rest

Bohemian Interiors

A bohemian tapestry or wall throw pulls in the colors of the earth, filled with embellishments and weaves and designs of ancient civilizations. For a very antique and royal look, you can have some ornately sari embroidered wall hangings also that are filled with zardozi thread work. A Mogul tapestry or an intricate banjara wall hanging are treasures of cultures and pieces of art.

Funky designs, animal prints and mandalas mixed with intricate patterns and sheer gauzy curtains are inviting interiors for the free spirited bohemian designer. Calming Blues, serene greens, vibrant reds and sun yellow create visual spells of design that intoxicate your senses. Ari embroidery tapestries, kantha threadwork blankets, kashmir pillows, pashmina blankets are just a few items that fill up the trunk of the bohemian spirit. Mandala printed handloom cotton coverlets are a refreshing springtime accent throw … Read the rest

Crafting a Timber Gazebo

Flooring: For creating a floor for your gazebo you can either make a concrete mixture and fix tiles or lay wood on it, or simply use the land as a floor. Any of the floor designs will look beautiful.

For making a concrete floor, you need to clean and level the ground. Next, mix a basic mixture of concrete by following the instructions on the bag and lay it on the clean and flat ground.

Footing: For crafting a timber gazebo, a basic plan is needed. For an octagonal gazebo, get five equal length poles, 80″ or 85″ and then make an asterisk symbol in the middle of the floor and make sure they all intersect. Each of these posts should make a 45 degree angle. Now fix this together firmly and then mark the points made by the ends … Read the rest

Install a Ceiling Fan

First things first, however, let’s cover some very basic ideas about ceiling fan installation before we delve more deeply into the instructions.

Before you do anything, you need to choose a location for the fan. Usually, people choose the center of the ceiling. They also often replace a light fixture. If you are installing a fan with NO light then you should be fine and the circuit will not overload. However, if you are installing a fan WITH lights, you must make sure that the circuit has enough capacity for the new load. If there is no current central light fixture then you will have to designate a place to hang the fan.

Next, measure the floor-to-ceiling distance then subtract the space which the fan will take up. 7 feet is general recommended but be sure to look in your … Read the rest

Remove Vinyl Decals


As with most sticky material, heating up the surface will help you to remove the decal much easier. If working on a vehicle, you can place it in the sun for a bit which should be enough to help get the process going. Many installers choose to use hairdryers or heat guns and these are an easier option if working indoors. Just be sure not to get the material too hot with the heat gun as you don’t want the vinyl melting. Always work in sections, heating up the entire surface at once will be a waste of time due to the fact that once you get to the next section, it will have already cooled down.


Once you’ve applied the heat, you should be to begin scrapping back the vinyl. For this part I use a plastic … Read the rest