There are many great summary patterns and colorful types of fabric for upholstery available, including beach prints, tropical prints, floral prints and warm and pastel colors. These can be bought inexpensively from many great online upholstery fabric stores and can be used in the following easy ways to bring the warmth outside indoors.

The first idea is to choose small and unusual items of furniture to decorate with summary fabrics, including chairs, stools or an end table. These items do not even need to be upholstered in the first place, as it is possible to just use fabric on the surface of a table for example. Although this will make a bold statement it will certainly add some summer fun to your decor.

However, you will often find that many small items of furniture around the home are already upholstered, and reupholstering them for summer can be very effective and inexpensive. An example of this is changing up the fabric on your dining room chairs, choosing something more vibrant and summary to match the season.

The advantage of this is that you can change the ambience in your dining room for very little cost – colorful fabric for upholstery does not have to be expensive, and you will also be using a small quantity of it. Furthermore, paying a professional to the work will not have to cost a fortune seen as you are working with small items of furniture – or this can be a great DIY project.

The next suggestion for using summery fabric for upholstery in the home is as small decorative touches that do not require any upholstering. These can including crafting cushion covers, lampshades or throws from your summery fabrics.

These make for excellent DIY projects that the family can get involved in, and can really transform the look of a room. For example, keeping your regular decor but putting in place a bright floral lampshade or some tropical print cushions can liven up a room to match with the warmer and brighter weather outside.

it is now very easy to find tutorials for cushion cover making or lampshade making online, and you could search online for a project that is within your capabilities and does not cost a great deal of money to do. Again, it is only necessary to invest in a few meters of fabric, which does not have to cost a fortune, especially from a great online retailer of discount upholstery fabric.

Finally, a third suggestion for bringing summer indoors with bright and fun upholstery fabric is using great patterns to create custom wall art for your home. This is an exceptionally inexpensive idea that can really transform the look of a room with very little work or investment.