They are ideal when placed on an outdoor garden or on an outdoor gathering space. These structures are usually made from wood beams and the ceiling is usually flat or criss-crossed. The ceiling board is constructed of one solid board or a variety of boards cut in the same size.

Although, these covers give your patio a great look, they usually don’t offer protection from strong winds, extreme sunlight and heavy rains.


They are preferred by many people due to their versatility. For example, if you want a bold look, you can go for a striped pattern with bright colors. On the other hand if you are feeling subdued, you can go for a neutral awning.

There are also retractable awnings that allow you to pull the covering in the event of a strong storm or strong snowfall. The cover can be controlled manually or electrically.

Although, some of the awnings can withstand strong winds, it’s advised that you always retract them if not in use. This is to protect them from damage thus protecting your investment.

Metal patio covers

These are made from different types of metals, but aluminum is the most popular. The good side with these covers is that they are long lasting and can withstand strong rain and winds. In addition to this they are easy to assemble.

Vinyl patio covers

They look and feel like wood but they are actually plastic. They are ideal when used in areas that require very little maintenance. To ensure that the structures retain a good look, you should wash them regularly.

The good side with the covers is that they are easy to assemble and last for a long time. In fact they last as long as the metal covers.

Unlike before when these materials were considered as environmentally unfriendly, vinyl manufacturers are creating environmentally friendly products that don’t pollute the environment at all.