Here a natural stone is cut from quarried pieces and then installed on your counter. To get this style of countertop, you should take the measurements of your counter and then visit the stone yard and find a stone that will be of the right size.

Many people make the mistake of sending people to the stone yard and enquire about the stone from the phone, which is wrong. To be on the safe side you should visit the stone yard and choose the slab by yourself.


Honing is a method that leaves the slab muted, opaque, and rustic in nature. You should note that while the honed countertops are great to look at, they often stain than their polished counterparts. To maintain the elegant nature of the honed countertop, you should add your favorite color on it before you finish and seal it.


Satin is a finish that has a contemporary feel than unpolished granite or highly buffed pieces. Satin countertops give a different feel to the hand and at the same time change the tone of a room.


These are composed of a natural stone that has been grounded together with resins and other pigments. The products can be produced in different thicknesses which makes it easy to overlay them over existing structures.

Engineered granite is nonporous which eliminates the problem of minute gas emission. The nonporous nature of the countertops also makes the surfaces ideal places to prepare food.


These countertops are usually very clean and they are often the top choice in upscale design. It’s common to find them in high end places. The high gloss nature of the surfaces closes the pores thus making them easy to clean and more durable.