They come in a variety of designs and color variations. Some are more muted, natural, and simplistic, while others are made with bright colors that stand out from other rugs. Most mass produced loop pile rugs are made with simple colors that appear natural, as a way of imitating the original rugs from the past. While these rugs might be popular as decorations, they are not of the same quality as legitimate Berbers. They are sourced from the Berber region of North Africa, and they are primarily built by traditional families who earn their income by selling the beautiful rugs. These rugs are made from completely natural materials, unlike their mass-produced counterparts, and they tend to have more culturally relevant designs. The market for authentic Berber rugs continues to expand as decorators have started to use them more and more often in high-end homes, offices, and more.

A large majority of the Berber people reside in Morocco, where they make their comfortable rugs. The Moroccan people are traditionally well-known for their craftsmanship, and that high level of expertise shines through with their rugs and carpets. When you select an authentic Berber rug, you are getting something that has been perfected over generations of weavers, and the durable natural materials will last a lifetime. Most authentic Berber rugs available on the premium market are hand picked as the best examples of Berber rugs from the region. Most designs are typically compatible with modern aesthetics, which is one of the main reason they are enjoying such a surge in modern popularity. The Earth tones and off-white coloration of many Berber rugs is enough to tie together almost any room.

Beni Ourain Berber rugs are woven from wool obtained from sheep that live in the Atlas Mountain range of Morocco. A merchant actually travels to the country and visits the families that produce these rugs, and only the highest quality pieces are selected. Each rug is individually chosen for its authenticity and design, so when you purchase a Beni Ourain Moroccan Berber rug, you can rest assured that you are getting something unique and legitimate. These rugs are superior to the mass-produced loop pile Berber rugs that are common throughout the modern world. They are not only built with the traditional knot style construction, but they are made from completely natural fibers collected by the Berber people specifically to use in creating the finest rugs in the world.

This style of rug has enjoyed immense popularity over the years, and they have been used to cover the floors in homes for centuries, long before modern decorative trends took hold and started to mold the aesthetic of the contemporary home. These are timeless pieces of art that serve an important function, and they are available in many different sizes that correlate to their exact use. The largest pieces are suitable for common areas and open spaces within the home, and medium pieces are ideal for connecting pathways like halls and corridors. The smallest pieces are excellent for accents and covering small gaps in the continuity of the floor plan. These rugs are made to exist as heirlooms items for the family, since they are so long-lasting. No matter what size you select, you’ll receive a rug that is made with the same high quality as all Beni Ourain Berber rugs.