These are simple pre-cut patches. You’ll need a putty knife, sandpaper, goop (joint compound) and time preferably without children.

Next, cut away any excess drywall. Clean the area. Stick the patch on top of your hole cutting any excess away. Be careful as it bubbles very easily – slow wins this race here.

Now you can add some putty with your knife. You want to add little bits at a time for a thin even coat. Go in one direction from top to bottom.

Let it dry again before adding a second coat. Add a third coat if necessary.

After drying one more time, take some sandpaper to it to smooth the edges.

Larger holes are a bit more involved. The hole my sister made was a very large hole. You will need a utility knife or a drywall knife and a straight edge.

Carefully draw a rectangle or square around the hole. Cut the entire piece out of the wall.

Next you’ll need the help from a carpenter or your local hardware store. You need a few plywood strips cut to just a little bit longer then your hole. These back your hole and give it support.

Once you have these, place them inside the hole vertically and screw them into place.

Now, measure your drywall, cut to size and screw to the plywood strips.

Add drywall tape to the outer edge of your rectangle.

With putty knife and joint compound add a layer to the edges being sure to cover the screws.

Let dry and add an extra coat.

Use sandpaper to smooth and even out the edges.