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Some Reasons to Buy Antique Rugs

A great reason to buy antique rugs is due to the fact that they are so long lasting, it is advantageous that they provide a timeless elegance. There is something about these rugs that work in any room design with ease, whether you have a small cottage in the country, a traditional home in a town or a modern house in the city, you will find that adding an antique rug adds warmth, makes the home feel welcoming and adds some essential character to the space.

In addition to this, all antique rugs have been hand woven by artisans where their skill has been passed down generation to generation. They pay close attention to detail to ensure you receive the quality you expect when buying a rug of this nature.

Further, they are beautiful. The colours are vibrant and over … Read the rest

Anatolian Rugs

The more contemporary styles of the Anatolian rugs come from the Seljuk people. The Seljuk people were a nomadic people who lived in Central Asia, and they conquered their homeland in the middle of the 13th century.

Before the Seljuk influence, Anatolian rugs were heavily influenced by Turkish traditions. When Italian merchants first started to bring these carpets to Europe, they weren’t as popular as the intricate Persian Oriental Rugs on the market. However, shortly after their introduction into the market, they became very popular.

These rugs then started to heavily influence Western Culture, and the rapidly expanding middle class caused a significant spike in consumer demand as they purchased the carpets to furnish their homes in the mid 15th and 16th century.

After World War I, the production and quality of Anatolian rugs fell drastically as nearly 2 million … Read the rest

Animal Skin Rugs

Cowhide Rug

There are many attractions to cowhide as a part of a room’s d├ęcor. First and foremost, they have a blend of colors that is so natural, so they can fit in multiple types of rooms. This situation is true because each cowhide rug possesses a unique design. Cowhide is like fingerprints to humans. There are so many differences to each one, and they all serve a purpose. Another bonus is how easily cleaned cowhide can be. It has natural fibers for fighting dust collection, and the tanning process it goes through preserves the hide perfectly to prevent other allergens from emerging. They also do not attract bacteria, despite the gentle oils they contain.

Reindeer Hide Rugs

Reindeer hide rugs are very similar to deer hide rugs in many ways. They are elegant and luxurious to the touch. They … Read the rest

Traditional Moroccan Rug

They come in a variety of designs and color variations. Some are more muted, natural, and simplistic, while others are made with bright colors that stand out from other rugs. Most mass produced loop pile rugs are made with simple colors that appear natural, as a way of imitating the original rugs from the past. While these rugs might be popular as decorations, they are not of the same quality as legitimate Berbers. They are sourced from the Berber region of North Africa, and they are primarily built by traditional families who earn their income by selling the beautiful rugs. These rugs are made from completely natural materials, unlike their mass-produced counterparts, and they tend to have more culturally relevant designs. The market for authentic Berber rugs continues to expand as decorators have started to use them more and more … Read the rest