• Sturdy roofing: If you install worn out or missing roofing materials for your home, the water will easily seep in and damage your house structure. Therefore, always consult with professionals for any roofing related services. Also, you should inspect your roofing twice every year, but if there is any severe storm you should always check your roofing. Look for molds or any water marks underneath your roof.
  • Exterior Paints: Run a quick check on your exterior paintings because heavy rainfalls are very dangerous for. If you find bubbling, cracking or peeling in your exterior paints, repaint the affected area with quality paint that has the tendency to resist water.
  • Foundation: Again, run a quick check the foundation. Repair all the cracks to avoid water from leaking into your home. First concentrate in the large cracks. They need immediate attention and repairing.
  • Basement: Now the next thing you need to inspect is the basement. If there is a water leakage, you will find signs of water seepage. Check your carpets for any wet spots. Don’t forget the corners. You can also sniff your walls for molds and mildews behind your walls. Take appropriate steps to remove all these unwanted things from your wall. Hire a professional if the problem is serious. Molds and mildews feed on your walls, and if they get inside your house, it can cause health problems. Call a professional pressure washing company to clean each and every corner of your house exteriors.
  • Gutters: You should always clean your gutters to eliminate any dirt or debris. Or else, the rain water will back up and damage your house again. Window ledge, decomposed boards and water leaking into your foundation or your basement are some of the common problems you will face with clogged gutters.
  • Downspouts: Lastly, check your downspouts to see where the water is being dumped. If your downspout is dumping water 5 feet, then use gutter damage to dump it further.

When taking care of your house in the raining season, do not ignore the damp on your outside walls otherwise, it will seep inside. Also, if you want to get your exteriors painted for before the monsoons, go for modified paints with silicon because they repel water and you can enjoy the weather worrying about your walls at least.