The wallpaper printing technology uses different materials to imprint graphic images that are used to mount on various wall surfaces. The materials used depend on the wall which these wallpapers are to be applied on. The different materials used include:

  • Paper, this is the plain biodegradable paper, they come in various sizes, quality, and gauge.
  • Fabric or cloths material, the imprinting is done on them, generally used to make great wallpapers and the customized designed pieces.
  • Poly vinyl materials, this is where the wallpapers are made of a PVC material. Most wallpaper contains PVC for lamination purposes.

The process of manufacturing wallpapers follows a series of events that are as follows;

  • The processing of the paper from its raw materials into rolls that is of the desired weight and thickness.
  • The paper coating with a solid background color, this is done using a material that can easily be printable. Examples of materials utilized in the coating are the PVC, latex or kaolin clay.
  • Printing process, this is the primary process where imprints are made on these plain paper services to bring out the desired pattern. There are various ways of printing these papers, such as; surface printing, rotary, digital, silk screen and digital printing.
  • The last but important step in the process is the application of an adhesive on the paper to attach them to the walls. They are packaged in rolls of equal measures ready for use.

Wallpapers are great essential decorations to any surface wall, and we conclude by sharing tips on how to remove them once they are worn out or whenever you want to change the look of the room.

  • The best wallpaper remover especially the paper made ones, is water or vapor. Water helps in dissolving the material by soaking it wet as well as weakening the adhesive glue used. As a result, the paper peels off the wall.
  • Wallpaper chemical remover, usually these are specifically manufactured to help in the removal of these papers from the surfaces. They are available in most stores.