The best place to install hot tubs is any outdoor living area. This includes a covered or uncovered patio, a balcony, a deck, or next to a pool. If you own a condo, make sure that you are complying with the condo association’s rules and get the proper permissions. For balconies, make sure that the structure can support the additional weight and that there are possible areas to set-up the piping. If you live in mosquito or other pest-infested areas, you may want to consider some type of protective covering, like creating a canopy with mosquito net. You can be surprised at the critters that end up in any source of open water.

Another great location for installing hot tubs is indoors in a sunroom. These living spaces are usually pretty boring and used to store unused patio furniture. By installing a hot tub there, you can really transform the space. Whether you want to install it in-ground or leave it above ground is up to your personal preferences. Either set-up can be made to look integrated with the space. However, if you want to move the tub later, it may be prudent for you to keep it above ground. The best thing about placing them in sunrooms is that you won’t have to deal with bad weather or pests. You may even be able to use it year-round.

If you really want to push the boundaries of where hot tubs are expected, consider placing one in your basement. No bachelor pad or man-cave is complete without one. Imagine yourself watching Sunday football next to your basement bar while you are soaking in warm, frothing water. Basements are usually pretty cold because they are subterranean and heat travels up, so these heated whirlpools may save you a little on your heating bill, or allow you to warm up a little faster. If you are particularly handy, or want to dish out the money, consider creating some sort of swim-up bar.