Most probably, you would come up with splashing water, greasy marks, splatters and blobs. As much trivial of a concern as they may sound, stains have the potential to not only ruin the countertop, cabinets and walls but also mess up the entire setting of the kitchen.

And this puts splashbacks straight into perspective.

Splashbacks have been around for a long time – to protect kitchen surfaces from stains and splashes and to add a bit of aesthetic charm to the design of a kitchen.

A unique custom splashback comes with an opportunity to make a significant difference to the look of your kitchen. But with the seemingly endless custom choices available for kitchen splashbacks, anyone can easily get overwhelmed.

So, how do you go about finding the right fit?

More often than not, the best fit is the one that reflects your personality and lifestyle. Like you, each splashback kind has a unique character. Decide which one suits and depicts your character the best.

To make it easier, pick from the following list a word that absolutely describes yourself or is the closest at least.

  • If you pick distinctive, mirror finish will do for your kitchen. Mirror splashbacks tend to reflect the light around making your kitchen look spacious. And in case you have a beautiful view across the opposite window, the finish can give instant colour and vibrancy to your kitchen.
  • For those who are more on the fun and playful side, printed splashbacks make an ideal choice. Digitally printed acrylic splashbacks and wall panels are a great way to showcase elegant artworks while incorporating your individual style and personality into your kitchen space.

In addition, printed splashbacks call for a little care and maintenance and suit almost any kitchen surface.

  • So, you prefer to be a bit sophisticated! Go for glass without any doubt. Though glass splashbacks are expensive than other options, they provide your kitchen with a sleek, streamlined look that is worth a few more dollars.

The best part about glass creations is that you can choose to mount a custom piece of artwork on the back of the glass or get a digital image or paint finish. This way you can give your dull traditional kitchen space a contemporary boost.

  • If you fancy more of a funky look for your otherwise monotonous kitchen, you got to go with designer splashbacks. An increasingly popular option among owners with modern home structures, designer splashbacks come in a wide range. Each kind brings your kitchen beauty and character regardless of the colour and texture.