These kinds of rugs are at home in every kind of dwelling, from a country cabin to a modern, contemporary apartment. Cowskin rugs are also very versatile and can be placed in several different rooms around the house. These rugs can be placed on the floor of a living room or den as a one-of-a-kind conversation piece, or in a bedroom to add a unique aesthetic. You can also hang cowskin rugs on the wall of a living room, office or bedroom, or place them on couches or sofas. Hanging a cowhide rug on the wall can give the room a rustic look that is truly unforgettable. Placing these rugs as throws on couches, recliners or other furniture can give the room an overall feel of coziness. These rugs also feel very comfortable to lean against or sit on.

A cowhide rug is perfectly placed in an area of the home that receives a lot of foot traffic, because these rugs are not likely to wear down as quickly as other kinds of rugs. Cowskin rugs need little care to keep their beautiful appearance for a long time. All you need to do is shake the rug out once weekly to rid it of dust or debris accumulations. Cleaning the rug after accidental spills is easy and simply requires the application of a moist cloth. Cowhide rugs are also great for people who may have allergies to the fibers that other rugs are made of. These rugs do not shed fibers like other rugs do, so they do not cause problems for people who may be sensitive to these particles.

With their ease of maintenance and cleaning, their uniqueness, style and beauty, and their numerous decorative uses and their hypoallergenic status, a cowskin rug can be the perfect choice for people who want to try something new in their house or apartment. They’re also great for styling your space if you’re decorating an entirely new abode. So feel free to browse all of the varieties of cowhide rugs that are available to find the design that is just right for you and your decor.