Once you have these things you should use a laser printer and an A 4 photo paper to take a print out of your PCB. When doing this you should remember to take the mirror print-out. You should also remember to turn off the advanced and optimal printer settings.

You should then cut the layout along the boarders and put it on the copper clad board. You should then use a ruler and pencil to draw the boarders.

After doing this you should rub the copper side of the board with scotch brite in order to ensure that PCB is free from oil or grease. Once you have cleaned it you need to be careful and ensure that you don’t touch the copper surface with your fingers.

After doing this you should put some nail polish remover on a tissue paper and then gently rub the tissue paper on the side of the board. Again after doing this you should be careful and avoid touching the surface of the board with your fingers.

You should then transfer the printed image from the photo paper to the board and put the copper surface of the board on the printed layout. To be on the safe side you should ensure that the board is aligned correctly along the borders of the printed layout.

To hold the board and the printed layout in position, you should cut one or two small pieces of cello tape and put them along the two sides of the board. You should be cautious when doing this and ensure that you place the cello tape on the non-copper side.

The next thing that you should do is to heat up the electric iron to the maximum temperature and iron the photo paper for about five minutes. You should be careful when ironing in order to avoid damaging the photo paper. To avoid damage you should use the tip of the iron to iron.