Proper Vacuuming Technique

The most important habit you need to have is proper vacuuming technique. This refers to more than just the frequency you vacuum, although that is very important as well. It also means the way that you perform the task. Frequent vacuuming should be performed at entrances and in high traffic areas. More than just one pass should be made in these spaces. In fact, you should make 8-10 passes in the heavy traffic pathways. The reason for this is that most vacuums require several passes in order to lift dirt that has settled deeply into the carpet pile.

Spot Clean the Right Way

All spills should be cleaned up immediately in order to prevent staining. However, many people can do damage to their carpets during spot cleaning. This is usually due to the use of improper cleaning agents or harsh scrubbing techniques. Only use the kinds of carpet cleaning agents that are recommended by the carpet manufacturer. Use a gentle blotting motion instead of vigorous scrubbing. This can help to prevent the fibers from becoming frayed.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Having your carpets cleaned by a professional on a regularly scheduled basis will help you to maintain a healthy and clean environment. By staying on a schedule, you can ensure that you don’t do permanent damage to the carpet fibers. Keep in mind that a properly cleaned carpet can look cleaner for longer.