Flannel is going to be one of your best friends, on those cold winter nights. Flannel sheets will fit any bed ranging from a California king bed to your infants crib. Flannel although initially only made of wool, is now made with either wool, polyester or cotton. Normally, your sheets will be brushed to create a nice soft flannel, but you can also receive non brushed flannel as well, but that is normally very coarse. Your sheets are going to be two of four types of flannel. The first being cotton flannel which is cotton flannel that is either single or double napped which will take care of its softness. The second type is ceylon flannel. This type is an equal mix of wool and cotton which makes for a very warm and nice sheet. For weaving, the flannel is either plain weaved or till weaved which the fabric is then napped. Then the fabric is treated with dye to get the desired color, and depending on the manufacture it can be napped a second time to add even more softness to the fabric.

Many people love their flannel sheets but not so much in the dead heat of summer, as if you kept the flannel sheets on you might die of heat exhaustion. Storage of flannel sheets is as easy as their treatment. Keep in your good old linen closet, away from direct sunlight and make sure they get a good cleaning before you put them away for the summer. For cleaning, to prevent them from fading make sure to wash them in lukewarm water. Try to avoid high detergents, as mild is the best to keep the fabric soft. For drying, instead of letting them sit on the clothes dryer, you can throw them in the dryer, but do make sure that is on a low heat setting. I will say even in the winter the feeling of a warm flannel sheet on the bed is second to none.

When looking at flannel sheets make sure that you realize that thread counts are not the same as cotton or polyester sheets. Flannel rather is going to be rated on the fabric rating. The higher the number, the better the flannel sheets. For instance, the longest lasting flannel sheets are those with a rating of 5 ounces for every yard, this will allow for the best warmth and softness. Cheaper sheets unlike cotton will not last, it is that simple. Invest in a good pair of flannel sheets and they will last you years, a great investment!

The popularity of flannel is second to none in today’s youth but, for sheets it is a bit different. Although the most common flannel pattern is the lined pattern, the most popular are those with solid coloring. The best part of flannel is it makes matching home decor a breeze and accentuates any room with just a quick flash of color. If you have a memory foam or oversized mattress the good news is many brands have started to bring out deep pocket sheets.

Coloring and patterns are always a deciding factor in flannel sheets. Remember, if you are buying high quality sheets you are going to get a lot more time out of them. So, if you are looking at patterned sheets it might be best to consider the more expensive sheets, as those patterns will fade over time and look a little shabby. Look for flannel sheets that have yard dyed fiber and you should be good for worrying about fading of patterns or colors. The most popular colors are those of the darker variety like the reds, blues, greens and blacks. For those women in the house that are wanting to add some color to the room, flannel sheets also look great in a purple or a pink. Remember, sheets are the base of the bed, and if you are warm, comfy and looking great you are going to have some great mornings.