Copper sinks that are hammered give that old-world feel that set one’s home apart from the rest. Add copper to the faucets and fixtures, like showerheads and soap dishes to name a couple. They can be shined up or left to age gracefully. Both looks are attractive, and the homeowner can feel proud they are using an eco-friendly and recycled material when they invest in copper kitchen range hoods and other items. Following trends has never been smarter and more affordable, and designers are raving over copper.

Anyone looking for an awe inspiring type of lighting will do well by using copper. It’s multi-faceted and can light any space, as well as add a touch of class on fixtures. Consider cozy, nautical, rustic, contemporary and western décor aided by copper lighting. The possibilities are endless. Pendants, desk lamps, chandeliers and up lights are some of the more popular choices.

Though stainless steel has forged the way as far as the choice metal finish in kitchens and bathrooms, nowadays no one needs to feel confided to just this choice! There’s of course, copper, which is the most popular trending metal by proof of copper kitchen range hood sales which are higher than ever. Homeowners also enjoy oil rubbed bronze and brushed nickel. Mixing and matching them all makes for a whimsical and fun décor.

Consider using them for hardware, like hinges, door handles and other tiny touches that show whomever did the decorating had a flair for details. Metal backsplashes come in a variety of choices and some contain more than one finish as well. This can tie together copper elements with stainless or others. It looks truly elegant and is rated high on the list for trends to follow this year.

Getting a luxurious look is easy when displaying copper utensils and cooking pans and pots. Hang a pot rack above the island, or on the wall and display several antique copper utensils for a home-like feel.