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Animal Skin Rugs

Cowhide Rug

There are many attractions to cowhide as a part of a room’s décor. First and foremost, they have a blend of colors that is so natural, so they can fit in multiple types of rooms. This situation is true because each cowhide rug possesses a unique design. Cowhide is like fingerprints to humans. There are so many differences to each one, and they all serve a purpose. Another bonus is how easily cleaned cowhide can be. It has natural fibers for fighting dust collection, and the tanning process it goes through preserves the hide perfectly to prevent other allergens from emerging. They also do not attract bacteria, despite the gentle oils they contain.

Reindeer Hide Rugs

Reindeer hide rugs are very similar to deer hide rugs in many ways. They are elegant and luxurious to the touch. They are very thick to the touch, but they are as tough as cowhide because of the natural way the fibers and hairs lay. While this hide dries out a little bit easier than cowhide, which can be remedied by treating the hide with a little mist from a water bottle. It will prevent hair breakfast and over-drying, just like with human hair needing to be cared for in much the same way. The key here is not to soak the hide. Just to give it a fine misting. Due to this drying, reindeer rugs need to be kept as far away from direct heat sources like underfloor heating and fireplaces as much as possible. This will decrease shedding in the long run, too.

Sheepskin Rugs

This style of rug is taking on a new popularity unlike it has seen before. These rugs are timeless classics for a reason: they are so soft and luxurious to the touch. They are great for warming toes or cuddling up with on a soda. They are practical, more so than with other rugs, because they are machine washable. Doing this with other rugs would serve to ruin them. Not with these rugs, though. They come in a wide variety of colors, so like the cowhide, there is a design just for your room’s décor.

Goldilocks Zone of Beds

Cold, Cold Heart

Because no two humans are the same, there is always a possibility of finding that masochist person who enjoys pain, who likes to be hard on the outside, and inside, and even prefers the same form of sleeping nook. These people love to keep their body stiff, and because nothing else can accommodate their rigidity, a mattress that always keeps things stiff, and a bed, preferably a hard, wooden bed, that matches their personality, with rigid fixtures and clean-cut lines that do not let anything stand on the surface, is exactly what such a person needs. And this doesn’t stop here, they need stiff pillows too. It’s good to know that we have every kind of hard material available to support such people, and if they can’t find the right bed, they always have the bare and cold floor to sleep on.

Keeping Things Mellow

When you stretch yourself on a soft, plush and smoothly textured bed sheet, a pleasantness runs down your spine, which is hard to put into words. If you like this kind of stuff, then the world is open to let you explore with almost all kinds of fabric combinations and beds, with accessories that will satisfy you down to your every last bone, and give you the sleep you so dearly love. Quilts, blankets and sheets made out of cotton and silk are always the best choice for that much needed softness to cover you from the harsh cold nights. And pillows filled with soft feathers or cotton are ideal in such cases. There is no problem with the kind of beds these people would want, and they can accommodate the right kind of mattress with their beds, even if they happen to be metal ones. With that set, you can just easily escape into a beautiful sleep, full with fluffy dreams of rabbits, teacup piglets and every kind of candy-land critter that you can think of!

The Middle Child

The third kind of category is exactly what Goldilocks went for in the iconic fairy tale. A bed that is neither too soft and nor too hard. Sponges are the best-case scenario for people who like to embrace this balance. Pillows, that are plump, and still don’t sag under the leaden weight of your head, and quilts that are just right, coupled with a bed that speaks out about you is what you really need. Good night’s sleep, guaranteed!

What about those Wild Dreams?

Expressing your expressions is a form of expressionism art movement. And what better way than using your bed, and all the elements that come with it, to shout loud about who you really are? Whether you like soft, hard or just right, you can pick a bed and get it customized the way you want. There is no harm in exploring this wildly. For all we care, you can have a simple crib, a coffin, a castle, an open library or even Death Star as your headboard or bed accessory. Whatever gets you to sleep, use it. Don’t count the sheep though, their constant, ceaseless chatter disturbs you easily.

No matter what your sleeping preference is, there is always a bed that is meant for you, and there will always be accessories available to describe your craziness. Make sure that you know what kind of person you are, before you go shopping for beds online. Whether it is beds with storage or not, beautiful and artistic headboards or simple, rustic touches, beds on wheels or beds that are upholstered to every single inch, single beds, double beds or bunk beds, the market is open to you. Buy your bed online, or be a hardworking, calorie-burning man and search for one from your nearest shopping centre, we will leave all that up to you. And if you want to hit that extra mile of craziness, please, be our guest.

Choosing Carpet Flooring

Pro’s of Carpeting Your Home

  • Climate. Installing carpet will allow your living space to be warmer for those who like to walk around their home with bare feet. With hardwood flooring it is much cooler on the feet and in winter may cause you to increase the heating.
  • Noise. With carpeted floored rooms you will find that the noise is suppressed quite considerably. If you find that you have a multilevel home you will know that having hardwood floors on the top level will create a certain amount of noise for the lower levels to hear.
  • Options. When shopping for carpet you will find an endless amount of options to place in your home while shopping for hardwood flooring can be a bit limited. There are much fewer options in hardwood flooring.
  • Furniture Stability. For those who do not like to continually rearrange furniture this might be the biggest pro of all. With carpet you will find that the furniture will stay put a lot better than if you had hardwood floors. Although with this it is much more difficult to move your furniture.

Con’s of Carpeting Your Home

  • Stains. Speaking to the pet owners of the world you know this all to well. Carpet can stain and be impossible to remove. Now, most stains can be removed by steam machines and cleaning services that you can hire to do this for your home, but there are exceptions to every rule. That one stain that no matter what you put on it or what you try to remove with it just wants to stay around.
  • Harsh Chemicals. Now, before I go any further I realize harsh might be a strong word. Nowadays more and more people are looking to all natural formulas to use in their homes. Chemicals used in carpets are not all natural. Either are the chemicals used to steam clean your carpet. If you are looking to reduce the use of chemicals in your home going with hardwood might be a better option.
  • The Crud Factor. In other words, dirt! No matter how hard you try vacuuming doesn’t get all the dirt out of your carpets. This is definitely not something you like to do everyday and it takes quite a bit of time to vacuum. With hardwood floors clean up is much simple and you can see if you have removed all the dirt since they aren’t trapped in any fibers like carpet.

Traditional Moroccan Rug

They come in a variety of designs and color variations. Some are more muted, natural, and simplistic, while others are made with bright colors that stand out from other rugs. Most mass produced loop pile rugs are made with simple colors that appear natural, as a way of imitating the original rugs from the past. While these rugs might be popular as decorations, they are not of the same quality as legitimate Berbers. They are sourced from the Berber region of North Africa, and they are primarily built by traditional families who earn their income by selling the beautiful rugs. These rugs are made from completely natural materials, unlike their mass-produced counterparts, and they tend to have more culturally relevant designs. The market for authentic Berber rugs continues to expand as decorators have started to use them more and more often in high-end homes, offices, and more.

A large majority of the Berber people reside in Morocco, where they make their comfortable rugs. The Moroccan people are traditionally well-known for their craftsmanship, and that high level of expertise shines through with their rugs and carpets. When you select an authentic Berber rug, you are getting something that has been perfected over generations of weavers, and the durable natural materials will last a lifetime. Most authentic Berber rugs available on the premium market are hand picked as the best examples of Berber rugs from the region. Most designs are typically compatible with modern aesthetics, which is one of the main reason they are enjoying such a surge in modern popularity. The Earth tones and off-white coloration of many Berber rugs is enough to tie together almost any room.

Beni Ourain Berber rugs are woven from wool obtained from sheep that live in the Atlas Mountain range of Morocco. A merchant actually travels to the country and visits the families that produce these rugs, and only the highest quality pieces are selected. Each rug is individually chosen for its authenticity and design, so when you purchase a Beni Ourain Moroccan Berber rug, you can rest assured that you are getting something unique and legitimate. These rugs are superior to the mass-produced loop pile Berber rugs that are common throughout the modern world. They are not only built with the traditional knot style construction, but they are made from completely natural fibers collected by the Berber people specifically to use in creating the finest rugs in the world.

This style of rug has enjoyed immense popularity over the years, and they have been used to cover the floors in homes for centuries, long before modern decorative trends took hold and started to mold the aesthetic of the contemporary home. These are timeless pieces of art that serve an important function, and they are available in many different sizes that correlate to their exact use. The largest pieces are suitable for common areas and open spaces within the home, and medium pieces are ideal for connecting pathways like halls and corridors. The smallest pieces are excellent for accents and covering small gaps in the continuity of the floor plan. These rugs are made to exist as heirlooms items for the family, since they are so long-lasting. No matter what size you select, you’ll receive a rug that is made with the same high quality as all Beni Ourain Berber rugs.

Built in Bedroom Wardrobes

Considering the hassles of many people who are quite disappointed with inbuilt wardrobes, our marketers came up with ready-made wardrobes that occupy lesser space and can be customized as per your room requirements. Let’s have a look at various wardrobes available right now on the market. These wardrobes come in customized designs, colors and can be altered as per your requirements. You can customize these readymade bedroom wardrobes in terms of their color, built, design and can go to an extent in which you can even customize the entire style of the wardrobe as per your requirement.

There are numerous wardrobe manufacturing companies in these days who are offering all these options at the click of a button. Generally, these traders contain few default models which are accepted by a major section of the market and these basic models will be amended as per your specifications. You can ask them for changes in measurements, color, design, style and anything that you would like to add you can add to the regular model. The bedroom wardrobes, if they are inbuilt generally occupy a lot of room’s space. Modern built in ones are specialized in providing a solution to your space issues. These maximize your storage space while keeping your room constraints at priority.

The inbuilt ones come up in default sizes as extension or curtailment whichever is possible. The built in bedroom wardrobes give an aesthetic and lively look to your room while not occupying a majority of its space. The majority may not go for readymade wardrobes as they think they are quite expensive. But, that is a myth spread in almost all the markets. You can customize or design your own bedroom wardrobe within your budget. The only thing you must keep in mind while asking for a customization is if your requirements and the budget are matching or not. Rest all issues will generally be addressed by the manufacturers.

Glamour Interior Design

Glamour interior design is the opposite of minimalism. It is richness and abundance of accessories. It draws from many sources and eras, such as art deco, baroque, gothic style, eclectic style, and many more. It can be traditional or modern.

The simple question of how to paint walls is not so simple anymore when you have decided on glamour style. Consider wallpaper with ornamental or shiny pattern on at least one wall in the room. Damask patterns work great on the walls.

The furniture needs to have rather complex lines and curves. The sofas or armchairs can be modern and simple but then more accessorizing is needed, therefore more traditional furniture will look better. The dressers, tables, bookcases and other furniture should have lacquered, mirror-like surfaces. The shape can be geometrical or abstract, depending on the direction you would like to go with your interior. Materials used can be glass or dark wood (glamour interiors are generally dark).

Glamour decor uses a lot of metallic elements: gold, silver, copper. Transparent home decor accessories can also work, such as transparent desk lamps, for example. Abstract art pieces made of metallic silver or gold will compose well with the surroundings. Even wall art can have some metallics in it. It’s all about excess.

Textiles are another important element in glamour interior style. The interior needs to be stuffed with pillow covers. They can be metallic, but also furry, leathery, patterned, silky. Rugs can be fluffy or rather normal with damask or animal patterns.

Lighting is essential to the glamorous space we are designing. First and foremost, ceiling lamps are supposed to be chandeliers or modern variations on chandeliers. You also should incorporate sconces and desk lamps into the interior. After all, a lot of light is needed to reflect in lacquered furniture, metallic pieces of art and mirrors. Second of all, place candles in every room. The long ones are very elegant when put in a beautiful metallic candlestick.

In addition to ordinary furniture, such as sofas, armchairs and tables, it is excellent to have ottomans, benches, chaise lounges or poufs. They also have to be ornamental and curvy. Ideally they would be quilted, and upholstered with faux fur, velvet or plush.

Needless to say, personal things need to be put aside in drawers and other places. Glamour interior does like to have excess decorations but nothing more; otherwise it will become cluttered. Such interiors are not supposed to be cozy.

Ways to Update Decor for Summer

There are many great summary patterns and colorful types of fabric for upholstery available, including beach prints, tropical prints, floral prints and warm and pastel colors. These can be bought inexpensively from many great online upholstery fabric stores and can be used in the following easy ways to bring the warmth outside indoors.

The first idea is to choose small and unusual items of furniture to decorate with summary fabrics, including chairs, stools or an end table. These items do not even need to be upholstered in the first place, as it is possible to just use fabric on the surface of a table for example. Although this will make a bold statement it will certainly add some summer fun to your decor.

However, you will often find that many small items of furniture around the home are already upholstered, and reupholstering them for summer can be very effective and inexpensive. An example of this is changing up the fabric on your dining room chairs, choosing something more vibrant and summary to match the season.

The advantage of this is that you can change the ambience in your dining room for very little cost – colorful fabric for upholstery does not have to be expensive, and you will also be using a small quantity of it. Furthermore, paying a professional to the work will not have to cost a fortune seen as you are working with small items of furniture – or this can be a great DIY project.

The next suggestion for using summery fabric for upholstery in the home is as small decorative touches that do not require any upholstering. These can including crafting cushion covers, lampshades or throws from your summery fabrics.

These make for excellent DIY projects that the family can get involved in, and can really transform the look of a room. For example, keeping your regular decor but putting in place a bright floral lampshade or some tropical print cushions can liven up a room to match with the warmer and brighter weather outside.

it is now very easy to find tutorials for cushion cover making or lampshade making online, and you could search online for a project that is within your capabilities and does not cost a great deal of money to do. Again, it is only necessary to invest in a few meters of fabric, which does not have to cost a fortune, especially from a great online retailer of discount upholstery fabric.

Finally, a third suggestion for bringing summer indoors with bright and fun upholstery fabric is using great patterns to create custom wall art for your home. This is an exceptionally inexpensive idea that can really transform the look of a room with very little work or investment.

Shabby Chic Collection

Bedding and fabrics

Duvets, sheets, pillowcases, shams and bed skirts are all in this collection. You can have your items monogrammed and bespoke. Each item is done in different styles for example pillows come in damask and Venetian styles.

This style also offers fabrics to design your own items in their style if you prefer. Cotton, linen and denim are the fabrics on offer.


Towels, bathing accessories and sleepwear done in different styles are to be found here. Robes and nighties in soft fabrics are also available.


You will find shabby chic furniture for your bedroom, living room and dining room. Furniture is covered in soft pink and white colors which are the hallmark of the shabby chic collection. Settees, dining tables and chairs, beds and chaise lounges are all available

Tastefully done Ottomans, Gracie tufted chaises, and cane coffee tables are some of the dining room items in this collection.


Shabby chic chandeliers and candles, lamps and shades blend well into the whole décor style with their pink and white finishing. Lace and burlap are the materials for the lampshades coming in round, square and scallop shapes. Chandeliers are in petite, Penelope, feather light, pirouette, simple and crown designs.


Shabby chic boosts its décor style with accessories like rugs, mirrors, throws, accents and artwork. There is a variety of designs for each item to suit its place in the house for example mirrors done in liberty, Kendall and long designs. Predominant colors for most décor styles are soft pink, pastel, ecra and white.

Wall hangings and artworks by artists such Jorunn Mulen and Laurence Amelie are featured. Rachel Ashwell has written books on how to install the décor style that are also offered so that you can apply and perfect it.

Farmhouse Style

Vintage rustic old arches turn your kitchen mantel into a statement, the green foliage in brass planters draws attention to the hand carved detail and the natural washed patinas. Colorful textured tribal table runners will give your tables an elegant, vintage bohemian worldly panache that works well with a multitude of colors. Pick up an old planter and fill with gorgeous cottage garden plants or herbs.Vintage bowls and rustic brass urns used as a centerpiece overflowing with seasonal pumpkins, pines and flowering twigs bring in the old fashioned cottage charm. Add farmhouse-inspired decorations, made at home wreaths and floral arrangements that give a lovely personal touch. A rustic old chakra bookcase adds instant allure, offering a place to store books and your travel collections. Long wooden blanket chests in distressed blues and greens used at the end of the bed or as window console table placed in the nook, you can enjoy the sun while reading your favorite book.

Bring in the farmhouse theme into the nursery by hanging an old jharokha window filled with baby pictures. The windows get a cottage-chic boost with handloom fabric throws weaved by artisans in natural cotton fibres and vibrant colors. Install old rustic boxes filled with colorful, seasonal blooms at the window sill. Sheer sari curtains are great for kitchen windows, breakfast nooks or other spaces where natural light adds charming style and some privacy without stopping the sunshine.

Give your bedroom an instant farmhouse update by replacing your headboard with rustic 18C Indian doors. Old wooden spice mortar from Indian villages converted into umbrella stands, unusual columns and pillars add to the eclectic character. Hand carved Tree of Dreams wall panels are statement art pieces, that are creative as well as full of positive energy. Neutral-hued woods carved kamasutra panels in white washed whimsical farmhouse style add to the romance of the bedroom. The rustic, cottage-style look of old door lotus carved cabinets and vintage sideboard consoles add a rustic touch to your home. High-end Suzani embroidered pillow shams can be a luxe splurge when updating a bedroom. Use handloom cotton throws to create a country-chic makeover or curl up into a soft pashmina blanket. Farmhouse style decor is a statement of your lifestyle, laid back luxe and casual country chic.

Eye Catching Bathroom Ideas

The natural bath

This is a conventional way to design a bathroom. The periphery of the shower can be designed with greenery and the bathtub will be flower covered. This will give a Caribbean feel.

The travertine bath

For every penthouse bathroom, marble is known to be the best designing tool. This will separate the wet area within the bathroom with frameless glass door with a frosted look.

The library bath

The louvered windows here will surely make the way to enter more sunlight. The bathtub can be placed on a wooden platform which will no doubt give an extraordinary look to the bathroom.

The ensuite bath

This style is catching up very fast and people are loving it hugely. The best thing about this style is that these are open ensuite which covering the bedroom and the bathroom.

The eclectic washroom

This type of washroom can easily be designed with a soft gray wall and ultimately this bathroom will develop into an elegant place.

The vintage powder room

This type of washroom is decorated with antique mirror and mini bathtub like a basin. This design is just awesome and will give you extreme refreshment.

The freshly whitewashed bathroom

The ultimate freshness you will get from this design. You can add bold color and exclusive hand painted walls with yellow shade. Here you can place triangular wall pocket for the lamps so that it will become completely contemporary in look.