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Some Reasons to Buy Antique Rugs

A great reason to buy antique rugs is due to the fact that they are so long lasting, it is advantageous that they provide a timeless elegance. There is something about these rugs that work in any room design with ease, whether you have a small cottage in the country, a traditional home in a town or a modern house in the city, you will find that adding an antique rug adds warmth, makes the home feel welcoming and adds some essential character to the space.

In addition to this, all antique rugs have been hand woven by artisans where their skill has been passed down generation to generation. They pay close attention to detail to ensure you receive the quality you expect when buying a rug of this nature.

Further, they are beautiful. The colours are vibrant and over time, as they do begin to fade, they can add amazing character to a cold and boring hallway or a cold room. Most people use these rugs in the hall, the dining room and even the living room. They can also enhance your bedroom design and make your space feel warmer, more comfortable and provide a soft setting when walking bare foot in the home.

Antique rugs are a fantastic investment. Again, they are long lasting and made with attention to detail, but you will also find that when you want to change and the rug doesn’t work in your space anymore, you can sell it without losing too much, if any money. They are rugs which are in demand and whether you are buying one or two, you can do so with confidence knowing that you are investing in an item which is going to provide you with years of use and enjoyment.

Remember these rugs are rich in history. They bring a little history into your home. If only they could talk, they would be able to tell you about their lives, who has walked over them, where they have been and where they have been placed. Now it’s your chance to add to the rugs history, put them in a new position in your home, have new people walk on them and enjoy them for more years to come.

The final reason to buy an antique rug is the superior quality that they provide. You are not buying a bulk manufactured rug that you can find in just about any store in the country, you are buying something special, something unique and something that you can be proud of when friends and family come to visit.

Different Curtain Styles

  • Have you ever heard of Roman style blinds? These are the types of curtains that roll upwards and downwards using a string. These are fit for most kitchens and bathrooms. Bathrooms often have frosted windows so no one can see into the room so these curtains are ideal. Kitchens usually have lace curtains and many people can see into the kitchen from the outside of the house. Roman style blinds can protect your privacy without looking too bulky on the walls.
  • The swag style looks great in modern or classic rooms. A swag curtain has material hanging from the railing making loops that grace the room. This is a simple style that adds a bit of definition to a bland room. This style also has loose parts hanging down on either side of the curtain.
  • The empire style gives off the appearance of the curtains that used to be draped in palaces or castles. This style gives off the impression that it has a lot of volume and adds depth to the room.
  • A balloon style gives the impression that there is a lot of volume contained within the material. With every part that hangs down from the rail it creates the illusion that the bottom parts have been inflated like a balloon.
  • There are also different headers or railing styles that can be chosen to suit your preferences. Most header styles are made as pleated curtains. These header styles include relaxed pleat, natural pleat, pinched pleat and inverted pleat. Each one has a minor difference yet all have a decorative look that will give your curtains more character as design ornaments. If you have custom manufactured doors then these headers above the windows will complement the doors. Creating a modern home is all about adding decorative elements that match and create an ambience.

Decals vs Wallpapers

  • Purpose: a wallpaper as the name suggests, covers your entire wall. A decal on the other hand covers only the design area & the rest is your actual wall. Decals are.5 mm thin vinyl that come across as paint on the wall. unless & until someone touches it. hence, they are good to give a feel of an art on the wall. So,In case you want to highlight a particular area aesthetically and not cover it entirely, then decal is your go-to-option. On other hand, if you want to cover the wall, then wallpaper would suit your requirement better.
  • Size: Basis the size of the wall, you can decide the size of a decal that highlights your wall perfectly. You can choose from small, medium, large sizes to get that perfect look for your wall. Again in the case of a wallpaper you would need to go in for covering the entire wall. also, if there are spaces above tables & book shelves that you need to make-over, then a simple wall decal can be used to highlight them than going in for the entire wall. They allow you too choose from a range of colours too.
  • Cost-effective: With customization, you can now keep the cost under control by choosing the exact size of the decal which suits your wall. In case you are looking for the ideal proportion, Just take the measurement of your wall & choose not to cover more than 50% of the area in width or height (whichever is higher).
  • Application: You can be an active participant in your home makeover with wall decals & its easy to apply technique. Moreover, in case of decals with individual elements (such as leaves or flowers) you can choose to place them as per your choice depending on how you want your kids room or living room to look like. Thus, giving you greater control.
  • Customization: In the case of a wall decal, you can team it up with wall clocks, wall arts, frames & other elements. So, the design would actually amalgamate beautifully with the wall and also act from a utility perspective when it comes to the overall theme of the wall.

Bedroom Decor

The door has a path that needs to be considered when rearranging furniture in your bedroom. About a meter needs to be left around the area of the door for comfortable movement. Your bed should be either in the centre of the room or pushed to the side to leave space for the door.

Considering plug points is also important. Many people take their phones to their rooms to charge at night. Often, we place the phone on our bedside table for easy reach. Either you need to have an extension cord that runs along your wall or you need to be closer to the plug point. You also need to make sure that nothing is covering the plug point for safety and practical reasons.

Pushing the bed against the wall or to one side of the room is perfectly fine. Pushing the bed towards the curtains has rules, though. Your curtains should not be trapped behind the bed making it impossible to open them. You might also tear them if you pull too hard when opening and closing them.

Having your furniture pushed to one side of the room might be comfortable for you but also think about how it looks. Try to spread out the furniture so that it can be easily accessible to you. For instance, keep your bookshelf close to your bed or desk. You can place your wardrobe against the opposite wall to even out the layout of the room.

Keep a chair close by to your bed. Many people leave clothes on the bed when they remove them but when going to bed they might throw them on the floor. To avoid getting clean clothes dirty, keep that chair close to your bed for this purpose.

Mirrors should be against a blank wall. Wall mounted mirrors might be the best if you have a small bedroom because it will free up floor space. The best place to have a wall mounted mirror is close to the door because it doesn’t interfere with the opening and closing path of the door.

Wood Effect Tiles

Installation Costs

Laminates lead the way in terms of cost efficiency. Not too challenging for the average DIY person, they usually sit on a foam underlay and click together. Orientated correctly, trimmed neatly at the walls, and finished with a narrow beading if necessary – the job is straightforward.

If tiling, then doing so on a concrete or screed floor is the simplest option, and therefore the cheapest form of tile installation. If the floor needs some preparatory work, such as levelling out, this work will be needed for both ceramic and wooden floors. However, one would expect a tiler to be significantly quicker than a carpenter thereafter. The wooden planks need to be glued down, and to each other, as well as being cut to shape. Laying a natural wood floor is usually more expensive than floor tiles.

When tiling over joists or old floor boards, it is recommended that a backing board is installed first. This is because if tiling over sheets of ply or the floor boards themselves, the initial shrinkage of the sheets plus regular expansion and contraction with fluctuations in heat will cause movement. Floor tiles will be secured to these surfaces, and are not designed to tolerate such movement.

When installing timber over existing floorboards, the installer must ensure that they are solid, and that the new floor lines up perpendicularly to the old floor. If this is not possible, then the installer must sheet the floor out first. Alternatively, batons must be fixed to the floor first, and then sheeted.

Another consideration which must to be taken into account is the climate. Floor tiles can be laid the day they arrive. With timber, there are recommended moisture parameters for both the substrate and the new planks themselves, which must be adhered to. It is highly recommended that new wood be stored in the room in which it is to be installed for one week prior to fitting, so that it can acclimatise to the ambient temperature of its surroundings.

After all preparation work is carried out, the bill at that point is roughly the same for timber or wood effect tiles. However, the final installation cost will be cheaper if floor tiles are chosen.

Wear, Tear, and Maintenance

Natural wood is often finished with a lacquer or oil on the surface. This will wear over time through everyday use. The higher the level of traffic, the quicker this happens. Unfortunately, it only occurs on the part of the floor where walking occurs, which makes the deterioration all the more obvious.

Moving furniture, dragged toys, the toenails of large dogs, high heels etc. will all dent or scrape the surface of wood. It can fade too, more so in the areas that are subject to the most sunlight, something that will not happen with tiles.

Engineered and solid woods can be refinished at this point, but if left too long, they will need to be sanded down first, and that is a large, complex job.

Laminate floors cannot be sanded. Although they can be tougher than their natural counterparts, once they have worn through, that is the end of them, and they will need to be replaced.

Wood effect floor tiles, once fitted, require no maintenance other than a quick mop. Unless there has been a catastrophic spillage of something significant, such as tar or oil, even grout is not likely to tarnish. And even if it does, there are many cheap, easy to apply, restorative cleaners available on the market, which will bring grout up as good as new.

Water Damage

With wood, a lot of damage can be caused by a small flood from a domestic appliance, or even incorrect mopping and cleaning. As a natural product, moisture can be absorbed from the atmosphere or from standing water. This will cause planks to expand and buckle under the ensuing pressure, or warp out of shape. Splitting, discolouration, and rot can result.

To clean a wooden floor, it is not recommended to dump a bucket of water out into the centre, and then spread it around to get the job done. The water will seep between the joints, and the timbers can sustain irreparable damage.

Some laminates are mounted on water-resistant boards, which are ideal for bathroom or shower areas instead of natural wood.

All wall and floor tiles, by comparison, are manufactured to handle water.

Info of Contemporary Home Accessories

Hollow Cube Tables

Upgrade the style of your living room, bedroom or kids room with light weighted, stylish and colorful hollow cube tables. They add an instant chic to your room which might sounds dull or live less. Let every inch speak the beauty of room by just adding these charming contemporary tables.

Wall Mounted Candle Stands

Candles are undoubtedly the warmest and cozy welcome for décor styling. Let your feelings, touch glow with these musical shaped wall mounted candle stands. Let the melody and warmth get mixed together to create the feel and your personal touch to your bedroom.

Stylish Center Table

Replacement of simple and rectangular center table is at times important to make a major difference. Try out such special center table designs to the let modern touch knock at your style statement. Make an impression with aesthetic as well as useful contemporary center tables.

S Shape Towel Rod

I know towel rods are quite common and many people do not count it under stylish accessories placement. But have you ever thought of a towel rod which can carry 2 or 3 towels at a time without taking any extra space from your bathroom walls. They are stylish, useful and most importantly they uplift the accessories class of your bathroom.

Corner Open Racks

At times unfortunately we under use or miss the corner space of our home. It’s like why to waste the space when it can be utilized atheistically and charmingly. Corner zig zag open racks are perfect solutions to your small but important storage, bit of show off and space utilization.

Floating Wall Racks

Yes they are quite important and essential part our home which can replace few boring closed cabinets. Remember, even walls needs some space to breathe freely. But with the cramp spaces and storage needs we do end up with most of the closed box cabinets. Try out floating wall racks for your living room area, bedroom, kid’s room etc. Let your walls get some vacant space with positive utilization and effective styling.

Floor Corner racks

Not just wall mounted corner racks prove to be good for your home but also floor corner racks are equally useful and uplift the décor part of your home. Let the corner of your living room or bedroom get the equal importance just like wall and other parts of room. Cuddle up your favorite books, belongings in the arms of your floor corner rack.

Tips For Decorating Bedroom

Go for simplicity

Your bedroom should be simple, comfortable, elegant, and sophisticated no matter what style of decoration you go for. For easy movement, the distance between the sidewalls or the bed should be a minimum of two feet.

Your bedroom should have things that you really need. For instance, some essential items in the bedroom may include a dresser, a few bedside tables, and a chair. Other than these things, you may not want anything in your bedroom.

Pay Attention to the Ceiling

What do you see when you lie down in bed? If you see a blank, bland surface, you need to make it better. For instance, you can add a bit of soft color and pattern. You can opt for a lighter version of the color that you painted on the walls. This will make your ceilings look lower in addition to emit feelings of intimacy and comfort.

Aside from this, you can put wallpaper on the ceiling and add some elements of architecture, such as moldings, beams or some decorative paint.

Pick The Right Furniture

If you want to purchase bedroom furniture, make sure you have a floor plan and enough space. All the articles of furniture should fit in your room, especially if it’s a bedroom. Choosing large, heavy beds or dressers is not a good idea, especially if the room is not big enough.

Have Enough Storage

The things that you don’t need should be hidden somewhere in the room, which will make your room look big and calm.

Cover the Windows

If you have beautiful windows, they will add patter, texture, color and softness to your bedroom. Moreover, if you are into soft curtains that are good at filtering light, you can go ahead and choose opaque roller blinds as they can be pulled down for privacy at night. Moreover, they can also be used to block sunlight in the morning.

Concrete Look Porcelain Tile

Install some of these contemporary, transitional tile designs and keep up with the times. Designers and homeowners wish for affordable trendy tiles and here are a great solution that everybody would take to heart. Simple solutions may be sometimes best. The diverse designs allow plenty of mix and match collage making around a central theme to reflect company philosophy or family dreams.

While it would appear that concrete floors and walls surround, the truth is that they are all porcelain, camouflaged to look like cement surfaces. Some people would be fooled, like those who take things for granted. The cement look collection includes the Dimensions series and Metropolis series. Larger sizes are available like Cemento 12X24 and 24X24 that enable many robust style statements.

In the eternal frantic search for something innovative, here is freshness indeed and something that is tremendously popular. While cement is usually devoid of color, an option would be to include perhaps a border of brightly colored porcelain tiles or vice versa with the colors in the center. Contemporary style statements often show such glaring contrasts. Alternately, the soothing shades of concrete look porcelain could provide the diversity like the glacier white combined with a darker olive!

Dimensions Graphite 2X2 Glazed and Dimensions Graphite 2X2 Matte Mosaic are superb tiles with some difference of shades. The squares form attractive points of interest. They would bring an excellent aura to the surrounding in residences and corporate offices. Dimensions Olive and Khaki present somewhat lighter shades. The plain look cement with no frills is also available that remind of millions of residential and commercial building surfaces, a no-nonsense approach of grays and browns. Choose between Dimensions Glacier in White, Graphite, Concrete and Olive for stunning effects. The Metropolis series comes in Gray, Cloud, and Taupe shades.

Style of Reindeer Rugs

A Traditional Rug

Using a reindeer hide rug is not as simple as throwing it over a bare patch of floor. The best results come from using the reindeer skin with care to make the most of its natural advantages.

The most important thing to remember is that an ornamental rug needs to be visible. Putting it in a place where it will never be seen defeats the purpose of having it. On the other hand, putting it in an area where too many people will walk on it will damage the rug. It will also mean that people eventually stop noticing it, because they rarely pay close attention to things that they walk over.

Instead, put the reindeer rug in a place that has high visibility and low traffic. Ideally, people who do walk on it should do so in bare feet to keep the rug clean. Bedrooms and some living rooms are ideal choices. It may be tempting to put one near a fireplace to serve as a cushion on the floor, but the heat is bad for the rug, so that isn’t a great choice.

A Furniture Throw

Reindeer hides can also serve as excellent furniture throws. Many people use them as table covers, which is an excellent choice as long as people are not eating on the table, since it’s hard to clean spills off the skin. Putting them on a seat is another excellent choice, since they can provide another layer of cushioning.

Size is an important factor when using a reindeer skin as a throw. It’s normally easy to find one in the right size, both due to natural variance in the reindeer and by cutting them to shape, but it is necessary to measure the furniture in advance. Buying a reindeer hide that is slightly larger than the surface that you intend to cover will make sure that it stays on properly.

A Wall Hanging

A reindeer hide can quickly and easily cover a bare stretch of wall to make a room seem cozier. This also has some practical value. Most homes lose a lot of heat through their walls, and reindeer hides are excellent insulators. They can trap a large portion of that heat to help keep the room warm.

The reindeer fur will dominate the wall on which it hands, so it’s normally best not to pair it with too many other decorations. If you do add other touches, the rugs will look best with plants, wood, and other natural materials. Artificial materials should be used sparingly if at all, and only to create a contrast with the skin.

Ways Can Make Home Even Homier

  • Decorate with Pictures: Adding personal memories and mementos to your tabletops and walls will help personalize your home. This gives your home the look and feel that someone is actually living there, rather than looking like a model home, sterile rental or hotel room. This is also a way to finally get those pictures off of your phone or camera and give them a real purpose.
  • Create Comfy Seating: Your home will automatically take on a homier feel when you decide to create comfy couches and chairs for guests and family. Having enough seating for all of your guests will make your space feel more inviting and decorative.
  • Make Your Bedroom a Sanctuary: A good night’s sleep is a priority for people of every age. Ensure sound sleep by making your bedroom as comfy and cozy as possible. This may include coordinated pillows and bedding, soothing lighting, and light blocking shades, to promote high quality sound sleep in your peaceful bedroom sanctuary.
  • Throw Blankets: Incorporating throw blankets and decorative pillows into your seating areas makes this space more welcoming and homier. This is a simple and functional way to make your space more inviting.
  • Candles: Adding natural light and scents from candles will improve the ambiance of your home. Candles add another dimension to your senses, while making your space visually appealing as well.
  • Eliminate Overhead Lighting: Instead of turning on those industrially-designed overhead light fixtures, try switching on a tableside lamp! This will eliminate harsh lighting and provide a warmer glow to your space. Even better, recessed LED lighting with a dimmer switch can give you maximum control to create just the perfect brightness for your space.
  • Add Seasonal Decorations: Keeping up with current holidays and weather trends will help update your home every season while also getting you and your family into that holiday spirit!