A bohemian tapestry or wall throw pulls in the colors of the earth, filled with embellishments and weaves and designs of ancient civilizations. For a very antique and royal look, you can have some ornately sari embroidered wall hangings also that are filled with zardozi thread work. A Mogul tapestry or an intricate banjara wall hanging are treasures of cultures and pieces of art.

Funky designs, animal prints and mandalas mixed with intricate patterns and sheer gauzy curtains are inviting interiors for the free spirited bohemian designer. Calming Blues, serene greens, vibrant reds and sun yellow create visual spells of design that intoxicate your senses. Ari embroidery tapestries, kantha threadwork blankets, kashmir pillows, pashmina blankets are just a few items that fill up the trunk of the bohemian spirit. Mandala printed handloom cotton coverlets are a refreshing springtime accent throw for a picnic or a garden lunch, Use at the beach, or add a burst of color to your home’s interiors.

Richly-woven colors and enchanting designs of paisley and the tree of life, peacocks and elephants, the bohemian spirit rejoices in the prints and colors from India. Banjara ethnic traditional quilts from India are hand embroidered in rich mirror and kantha embroidery. Each piece uniquely depicts the traditions and art of the region creatively and ethnically. These traditional Indian tapestries are intensely bohemian with their unique designs and extravagant colors.

Tribal designs and rich colors with beautiful motifs create a kaleidoscope of passion and vibrant energy. Bohemian interiors are layered with fabrics all over.Use throws on furniture pieces, banjara wall hangings as window treatments, or antiques rugs for the floor.

Textured or patterned walls and rough patinas on distressed woods come together with richly patterned fabrics. Hand carved wall sculptures and figurines of animals lovingly add character and warmth. Banjara reds and flamboyant yellows dominate the interiors, the gauzy gold trimmed curtains adding the right touch of glamour.