Each homeowner has a different idea on how they want their fence to look, many can’t find what they are looking for and choose custom fences, creating that spectacular finishing and choosing a product that will enhance the overall appeal of their home.

The main advantage to choosing custom fences is that you get to choose your own style and size. Some people want a higher fence, while others enjoy the idea of a low white picket fence around their homes, which has been the finishing touch on the ideal family home in dreams of couples for many years.

You are in complete control of your design and can choose whether you want a board fence or picket design. When you choose picket, you can choose from a choice of styles including distance between picket, called the picket gap, which is perfect depending on whether you have children or animals or whether you’re choosing a custom fence for visual appeal only.

One of the main reasons homeowners choose custom fences to surround their property it to increase their privacy. A home without a boundary can be viewed by passersby. When you want to spend time in the front yard with your family, a fence can be the biggest benefit you ever invested in.

They add security to your home. They don’t only keep children and pets in and reduce the risk of accident, but they tend to keep intruders out. Someone who you don’t know and that is thinking of walking up to your front door, is likely to do so if there is a boundary stopping them.

There is nothing more frustrating than taking days out of your weekend to create the perfect front yard and then every day school children march across the newly laid lawn on their way to school, neighbors pets take advantage of your beautiful flower bushes and before you know it your front yard is a complete mess, only forcing you to spend another weekend trying to get it back to what you imagined.

Custom fences can create a boundary to your property, this reduces the risk of children and other animals taking advantage of the short route to where they are going and have to go around your property border to get to their location.

They provide controlled access into your home. You can set up CCTV cameras if you like, always seeing who is about to enter your yard. They ensure that visitor’s access through the gate provided and walk up the path to your front door, eliminating people unnecessarily walking through your garden and controlling who enters the property.

People with pets and children are more likely to consider custom fences before moving into a property. They are not only the visual appeal of the home, they are a useful tool in ensuring your pets and children are safe at all times. Children tend to find ways of sneaking out into the yard and the right style and size fence can contain them within the boundaries of your home.

The final advantage to this option is that a good quality and durable fencing solution around your home can add value to the property and also make it more appealing to potential purchasers should you ever decide to sell.