Open Space Home Design

Bali is a beautiful island where you can visit various beautiful tropical beaches like Sanur and Kuta. The house will reflect the beauty and warmth of Balinese beaches if it has high level of natural sunlight, sandy coral wall color and dramatic outdoor views. Let the breezy air flow inside the room. Plan the house in open space design. The boundary of indoor and outdoor areas should be limited. The large glass walls or glass sliding doors in the living room allow the occupants to enjoy the exquisiteness of outdoor area. If you do not mind to have a full remodeling project, integrate the home with stylish terrace, skylight and beautiful courtyard.

Natural Materials And Finishes

Balinese home is not great if you dominate the space with synthetic materials. Look for the natural materials and finishes. The furniture pieces like coffee table should be refined in brown undertones. Stimulate the exotic feeling with dark brown chocolate finish on the teak wooden table. If it is very difficult to get teak furniture, pick bamboo furniture as the alternative. It is cheaper than teak. The elements of the house such as window coverings, tabletops, flooring and room dividers can feature paper, stone, wicker, tile, metal or rattan material.

Balinese Color Schemes

Don’t be afraid to mix and match bold and bright colors to incorporate Balinese atmosphere. A lime green tone on focal wall creates refreshing ambiance. The bold tangerine sofa is perfect to spot at the corner. Put floral printed throw pillows on the sofa. If you want a striking outcome, the combination of cobalt blue and deep red is worthy to try. The Balinese decor will reflect modern look if you use the combination of pale saffron and vintage white tones. Spread a sisal rug or bamboo mat on the dark finished wooden floor for the finishing touch.